“The average caregiver — usually a daughter managing doctors’ appointments, the household and finances for an aging parent — is still trying to manage her own 9-to-5 job and her own family. There are 61.6 million caregivers, according to the 2011 AARP study “Valuing the Invaluable: The Growing Contributions and Costs of Family Caregiving,” and one-third of them described their responsibilities as “highly stressful.” No wonder, when you consider that nearly three-fourths of caregivers say their role has caused them to be late for work, take leaves of absence or had other negative impacts on their job performance.”


Social Events

  • Enable attendance at the symphony, play, theater, charity event, museums, and more
  • Attend a ceremony honoring the individual or a charitable event for a favorite organization
  • Lunching out to favorite restaurants

Shopping Services

  • Assist with retail shopping
  • Personal shopping for gifts
  • Shopping for clothing
  • Household shopping

Scheduling Services

  • Arrange for spa services and massages
  • Schedule pedicures and manicures
  • Assistance with pet vet appointments, grooming and care
"TicToc has not just been a timesaver, but has been a lifesaver! They treat my mom with compassion and respect and run her errands when I can't."

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Increase Freedom

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Your time is worth it

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