Medical Recovery Assistance

“If you’re having a procedure or surgery and need assistance during your recovery, TicToc Concierge Services can help.”


"Breaking an elbow is no fun. Can't drive, can't write, can't do a lot of things...good thing my TicToc Timesaver was there to give me a 'hand'!"

we make your life betterby saving you time

At TicToc Concierge, we believe your time is important. Let a TicToc Timesaver save you time!

Reduce Stress

Household management is no longer all on your shoulders, waiting for you at the end of a long day. TicToc Concierge helps lighten the load and reduce your stress.

Increase Freedom

Your schedule is no longer packed with the things you HAVE to do and instead, you can now do the things you WANT to do. TicToc Concierge frees up more time to do what you love and love what you do

Your time is worth it

TicToc Concierge rates are reasonable and we offer special package pricing so you get more value for your money. Our rates are worth the cost of your free time because your peace of mind is priceless. Let our time work for you.